Serving Engineering community, government and NGOs



The organization functions as Non-Profit Organization (NPO) research and development entity, with following functions:
  1. Fundamental and applied research in electronics, electrical and related engineering and scientific systems and their applications
  2. Organization of scientific meetings, conferences, trainings, workshops, etc, in furtherance to the core objective of research and development
  3. Capacity training for persons in electronics and energy/power systems engineering
  4. Development of innovative energy systems that are compatible with modern societal demands, such as renewability and friendliness to the environment
  5. Act as a consulting body to government and non-governmental organizations in applications of electronic systems in industrial, medical and such areas that may demand new insight
  6. Act as a consulting body to government and non-governmental bodies in the areas of energy systems, generation and utilization of power
  7. Seek funding from relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations for the furtherance of the core objectives of the organizations
  8. Any other activities that will enhance the above functions